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About Nuss

What if happiness was to meet here with family, friends?

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lenussbaum le nussbaum

It is in a small village of Kochersberg located on the Alsace wine route near Strasbourg, that this large holiday home Le Nussbaum, awaits you during your Alsatian stay.

It is first and foremost a house where generations of wine growers have succeeded since the 17th century, before me, Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Charles. I am very attached to it, it has for me a scent of childhood, small grapes and prunes which caramelize on the fire (it is my Madeleine de Proust).


And then, one day, this house, which is still inhabited, found itself alone… it was quite natural that I chose to bring it back to life. After 2 years of weekend work in green mode, with family and friends, here is the house ready to host large tables!


We let the place tell its story, preserved the half-timbering, the cement tiles, the staircase and the wood to appreciate the Alsatian architecture. We wanted to create an open place to be together and also nice cozy corners for moments of tranquility.

The interior designer that I am had a great time (yes, I fell into viticulture when I was little ... but I came out of the pot) and it continues because the decoration changes with the seasons and desires of the moment.


In my family, we have always loved the land and its vines, and we pamper them. You can walk there, peck grapes in autumn, breathe the fresh air with an exceptional view of the Alsace plain and Strasbourg Cathedral on the horizon. Maybe even Joseph, my daddy will give you the pleasure of a cellar visit (yes, yes… ask him if you like, he loves to share his passion).

At our place... in Video

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